About Us

Kids doing a yoga stretchClub Kids Yoga, Inc. was founded by Amy MacConnell in 2007. Shortly after completing the Bikram training in 2005 and teaching Bikram Yoga for a year, Amy discovered her real passion was teaching yoga to kids. "For me it is truly a journey and I love being able to teach kids life lessons through yoga and play." Amy's motto in teaching yoga is if the kids are trying then they are doing fine, thereby placing an emphasis on progress not perfection.

At Club Kids Yoga we want the kids to have fun and develop a yoga practice and accept themselves for who they are. Therefore, Club Kids Yoga students have gained more self confidence, improved test scores in school, and performed better in activities, such as athletics, drama, music, or whatever their passion may be. A regular yoga practice is something every child should have as part of their life. Many of Club Kids Yoga students actively involved in yoga have fewer injuries and are more at ease on the athletic field. Remember, yoga is your journey and your practice.