Yoga Classes

Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy and Me yoga class is an opportunity for moms to bond with their babies and other moms too. The environment is relaxed and safe for babies. This class also gives moms a chance to really be present in the moment with their babies. Mommy and Me Yoga creates a wonderful sense of community as mothers are able to connect and share parenting techniques and challenges with other participants as well. These classes are geared for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old. At age 3 the children are ready to attend their own class while parents are welcome to observe.

Yoga for the Special Needs Child

Mother and child doing yoga togetherChildren who have special needs tend to be over scheduled in life. They have many visits to doctor's office, including physical therapy appointments, medication, and special needs schools and therapists. Yoga for special needs children helps in gaining body awareness, strength, flexibility, confidence, and social skills. We teach children how to use their breathing to calm them in stressful situations. Using music and breathing exercise in a regular yoga practice helps the special need child cope in these stressful situations or environments. The breath also helps expand their lung capacity and improves their focus and concentration.

Private In-Home Yoga

Private in-home or in-office yoga is perfect for the very busy individual who is on the go or can't get to an arranged class schedule. Start or finish your day with yoga at your front door in the comfort of your own home or even in your private office! Hours are very flexible.

Yoga Birthday Party

Chuck E. Cheese?…… concepts?… How about something fun, healthy, and safe? A club kid's yoga birthday party is perfect and a lot of fun! We can customize your child's party as you like with many different themes. The yoga birthday party can include party favors, games and prizes as they learn poses and have fun. This day is all about fun and enrichment for your child on his or her birthday.

Themes such as:

  • Movie themes
  • Super heroes
  • Princess
  • Disney Characters